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- Simple Steps to Debt Freedom -

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Feeling overwhelmed by debt?

  • Tired of feeling anxious every time you think about money?
  • Worried about how you're going to make your minimum debt payments this month?

The Debt Payoff Planner lays out 3 easy steps for creating a simple, actionable plan to pay off your debt once & for all.

  • gain control over your money
  • find peace in debt freedom
  • reduce financial stress

Lucky for you, it's completely free for a short time. Grab it today!

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Hey, I'm RaLea

I spent years getting a Master's degree in accounting. I run a virtual bookkeeping business. I know about money and saving and investing.

And yet I still found myself in debt after my oldest daughter's medical bills piled up before and after her birth. We just weren't ready for those expenses. She's still super expensive 6 years later & that won't change.

It took us a couple of years to really focus and get intentional about our money. That allowed us to pay off $19,000 of debt in just 9 months. It's a long journey & I get that.

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