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Start with the basics & make your plan for financial security


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Real-world ways to pay down debt today


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What they say

“RaLea makes every process easy and doable. She breaks everything down in digestible steps so I feel successful. Her help in running our business has been essential.”

Cai, bookkeeping client

“I enjoy following Balanced FI because it makes me re-evaluate my financial choices. I truly appreciate that everyone is included in the invitation to better their lives”

monica, subscriber

"This is a very simple to use meal planning course that is effective.
This is exactly how I meal so I know it works!."

amber b., money-saving meal planning student

"You definitely made an impact on my life and for that, I appreciate you. I will be incorporating no spend weeks more often."

dawn, 2021 no spend week challenge participant

Disclaimer: I write about family finances. I’m not a certified financial planner, I just know some things. 

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