Below is the engagement letter & scope of work you will be expected to sign after purchasing your VIP Week spot. 

By signing this agreement, you (“Client”) agree to retain RaLea Harbrige of 406 Accounting, LLC (“Service Provider”) to proceed with a bookkeeping catch-up, packaged under VIP Week – Bookkeeping Catch-Up and agree to the terms and conditions as set forth in this Agreement.


During this intensive, Service Provider agrees to devote up to 12 hours to assignments to be determined by Client, as well as 45 minutes for a pre-intensive strategy call, 1 hour for post-intensive “fix” support, a possible secondary engagement period after the end of the contracted fiscal year,  and 60 days of post-intensive email support. Work will be performed at the offices of Service Provider, but occasionally may take place at other locations, as required. Work priority and scheduling will be at the discretion of Client. Work will normally occur between the hours of 10a – 11p MT on weekdays.

This engagement will begin at the start of the Kick-off Call, as long as Client has submitted Workbook and all required documentation at least 7 days prior. Delays in submission can result in delaying or rescheduling the Kick-off Call. The engagement period ends when work is complete, approximately 1 week. The active engagement period may last longer depending on workload and scheduling but will not exceed 30 days.

If the engagement period occurs before the end of the contracted year, a secondary engagement period will be entered into after the end of the contracted year to complete bookkeeping for that year. This secondary engagement period will last no more than 30 days. 

During the 60 days of post-intensive support, the Client will be able to email Service Provider with any questions or concerns about the work that was performed during the intensive, and will receive a reply via email and/or video tutorials.  This support does not cover additional work that exceeds what was done during the intensive.  The post-intensive support period begins after the completion of the secondary engagement period, if necessary, or after the completion of the active engagement period. If the Client has additional work that needs to be performed, Client will have the option to book another day or a half-day intensive.


Exact timeline is subject to change

  1. Client purchases VIP Week – Bookkeeping Catch-Up

  2. Client completes VIP Week Bookkeeping Catch-Up Workbook

  3. Client schedules Kick-off Call in 2+ weeks

  4. Provider prepares engagement letter based on intake form

  5. Client signs & returns engagement letter

  6. Client is provided with VIP Week Bookkeeping Catch-Up Workbook and access to Keeper

  7. Client provides Provider with Accountant access to the relevant QuickBooks Online account

  8. 1 week before the Kick-off Call, the Workbook & requested documentation must be uploaded to Keeper

  9. Kick-off Call officially starts active engagement period

  10. Provider begins to work on books, submitting requests & questions to Client via Keeper

    1. Client responds to all requests in Keeper within 24 hours

  11. Client schedules Finished! Call approximately 1 week after Kick-off Call

    1. Provider may reschedule this call if more time is needed

  12. If the active engagement period is before the end of the contracted year, secondary engagement period will be entered into upon completion of contracted year. Provider will communicate scheduling to Client at that time.

  13. 60 days of asynchronous email support is provided after completion of active engagement period 


Payment for these services will be to Service Provider at the rate of $1500 for up to 5 bank and credit card accounts and will be due at the time of booking this appointment. 


Categorization & reconciliation of additional banking and credit card accounts in excess of the agreed-upon 5 accounts will be completed upon Client’s request and billed at a rate of $500 per account. Any expenses exclusive of normal overhead are not included in this agreement and will be billed separately. 


Additional fees of up to $500 may be assessed if the catch-up is more complex than anticipated. Additional fees will be discussed with Client as soon as possible before additional work commences. Client must pay any additional fees at the time of offboarding call and work completion.


A Late Cancellation Fee of $100 will be assessed if Client cancels or reschedules the Kick-off Call within 48 hours. This fee must be paid in full before work commences. 


Services will not be performed if your account is past due. 


Additional services are subject to a new service agreement.  The pricing is dependent on the scope and complexity of the engagement.



This purchase is non-refundable but may be transferred to another date or service with 7 days prior written notice.  The Client’s payment is valid for 90 days, and must be used within that timeframe. In the event the intensive fails to occur within 90 days, or the Client fails to request a new date at least 7 days prior to their booked appointment, the payment will be forfeited, and the intensive will be terminated.  If the Client wishes to reschedule beyond 90 days, the original payment may, at the Service Provider’s discretion, be applied to a new booking at the current intensive rate, which may or may not be higher than the original booking rate.



The results of any and all work performed by Service Provider for Client, including original creative work, will remain the property of the Client. Client may use this material in any way deemed appropriate.  


Client understands that any written statements, images, audio recordings or video recordings of Client while participating in the intensive and made on behalf of the Service Provider may be used in connection with publicizing and promoting the Service Provider. Client authorizes the Service Provider to use their name, brief biographical information, and the written or recorded statements.




We will make no attempt to adjust the records to reflect Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. We will make no audit or other verification of the data you submit. We may provide reports that contain portions of financial information; these reports are for internal management use only. We will not provide any financial statements and will not perform any compilation, review, or audit of any of the financial information. We do not at any time provide legal services of any type. We have not been requested to discover errors, misrepresentations, fraud, illegal acts, or theft. Therefore, we have not included any procedures designed or intended to discover such acts, and you agree we have no responsibility to do so.


We do not provide information technology services – including installation of software on your network or troubleshooting software problems related to your network installation.

We do not provide services or advice related to legal matters, human resources, employee benefits, business insurance, investments, or other services that are not related to bookkeeping and accounting services. We do not make management decisions on your behalf.




You are responsible for making all management decisions and performing all management functions, and for designating an individual who possesses suitable skill, knowledge, or experience to oversee any bookkeeping services, or other services we provide. In addition, you are responsible for evaluating the adequacy and results of the services performed and accepting responsibility for such services.


To perform our services, we will need to obtain information on a timely basis from your company. We will provide you with instructions regarding the information that we may require to complete the work of this engagement. The items you provide and any other items that we obtain from you will be based on information provided by you and will be used without any further verification or investigation on our part.


In connection with this engagement, we may communicate with you or others via email transmission.  As emails can be intercepted and read, disclosed, or otherwise used or communicated by an unintended third party, or may not be delivered to each of the parties to whom they are directed and only to such parties, we cannot guarantee or warrant that emails from us will be properly delivered and read only by the addressee.  Therefore, we specifically disclaim and waive any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the interception or unintentional disclosure of emails transmitted by us in connection with the performance of this engagement.  In that regard, you agree that we shall have no liability for any loss or damage to any person or entity resulting from the use of email transmissions, including any consequential, incidental, direct, indirect, or special damages, such as loss of revenues or anticipated profits, or disclosure or communication of confidential or proprietary information.

In the event we are required to respond to a subpoena, court order or other legal process for the production of documents and/or testimony relative to information we obtained and/or prepared during the course of this engagement, you agree to compensate us at our standard hourly rates then existing for the time we expend in connection with such response, and to reimburse us for all of our out-of-pocket costs incurred in that regard.


In the event that we are or may be obligated to pay any cost, settlement, judgment, fine, penalty, or similar award or sanction as a result of a claim, investigation, or other proceeding instituted by any third party, and if such obligation is or may be a direct or indirect result of any inaccurate or incomplete information that you provide to us during the course of this engagement, you agree to indemnify us, defend us, and hold us harmless as against such obligation.


You agree that any dispute (other than our efforts to collect an outstanding invoice) that may arise regarding the meaning, performance or enforcement of this engagement or any prior engagement that we have performed for you, will, prior to resorting to litigation, be submitted to mediation, and that the parties will engage in the mediation process in good faith once a written request to mediate has been given by any party to the engagement.  Any mediation initiated as a result of this engagement shall be administered within the county of Gallatin, Montana, according to its mediation rules, and any ensuing litigation shall be conducted within said county, according to Montana law.  The results of any such mediation shall be binding only upon agreement of each party to be bound.  The costs of any mediation proceeding shall be shared equally by the participating parties.


Any litigation arising out of this engagement, except actions by us to enforce payment of our professional invoices, must be filed within one year from the accrual of the cause of action, notwithstanding any statutory provision to the contrary.  In the event of litigation brought against us, any judgment you obtain shall be limited in amount, and shall not exceed the amount of the annual fee charged by us, and paid by you, for the services set forth in this engagement letter.



 In order to complete your work on time and to provide you with the highest quality of work, we need your full cooperation, which includes your timely response to Provider requests.


You agree to submit the VIP Week Bookkeeping Catch-Up Workbook and all requested documentation to Keeper at least 7 days prior to the Kick-off Call.  You also agree to respond to Provider requests and questions via email or the Keeper client portal within 24 hours during the active engagement period.


Failure to respond to us on a timely basis will result in modifying our completion date, additional fees being incurred or termination of our services. 



 You may request that we perform additional services at a future date not contemplated by this engagement letter.  Additional services are subject to a new service agreement.  The pricing of additional services will be assessed and a new service agreement covering those services will be provided to you for your signed approval before any additional services will be performed by us.



 You grant 406 Accounting, LLC permission to talk with your tax accountant on your behalf and provide them with requested information.



 Please review and sign this letter below to indicate that it is in accordance with your understanding of our agreement. 


Yours sincerely,


[Your Signature]

RaLea Harbrige

406 Accounting, LLC



 By signing below, I confirm I have the authority to contract on behalf of [Client’s Business Name] I hereby agree to the terms of engagement dated [Month XX, 20XX} of 406 Accounting, LLC as set out above in this letter of engagement.

 I, [Client name], of [Client’s Business Name] confirm that I understand and agree to the terms of engagement.


Signed by:


Date signed:




For Chart of Accounts:

  •  Reformat profit and loss report for meaningful reporting for the following categories:

    • Income

    • Cost of Sales

    • Expenses

 For Banking (Bank and Credit Card accounts):

  •  Reconcile:

    • (list accounts from intake form)

  • Review and clean up old uncleared items in the bank reconciliations for the following accounts:

    • (list accounts from intake form)

  • Adjust reconciliation opening balance differences for the following accounts:

    • (list accounts from intake form)

  • Add/Match transactions in the bank feeds from January – December [YEAR] for the following accounts:

    • (list accounts from intake form)

 For Undeposited Funds account:

  •  Review and clean up undeposited funds account.

 For accounts payable aging: 

  • Review old/unpaid items and negative balances.

 For Accounts Receivable Aging:

  •  Review and clean up old/unpaid items and negative balances.

 For Income transactions:

  •  Review, clean up and re-categorize the following accounts:

    • (list accounts from intake form)

 For Cost of Goods Sold transactions:

  •  Review, clean up and re-categorize the following account(s):

    • (list accounts)

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