Intentionally Debt Free

from Balanced FI

get out of debt with intention

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Pay off your debt

  • with intention
  • using a plan
  • following actionable steps
  • by spending less & earning more

What's included?

This comprehensive course will walk you through:

  • creating a debt payoff plan
  • building a budget
  • finding your motivation
  • changing your money mindset
  • cutting expenses
  • changing your money
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Hey, I'm RaLea

I'm the mom of the two best sisters. My oldest has multiple disabilities, which drove me to branch out from my virtual bookkeeping business to also found Balanced FI.

In addition to a Master's in accounting & background in bookkeeping, I know first-hand how hard it is to get on a secure financial footing. 

I have re-set my own money mindset and used intentionality with spending to help pay off $19,000 of debt in just 9 months. It's a long journey but it's possible!

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