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What to expect

1. No Spend Week Challenge rules


Identify your motivation for changing your money

tuesday: pantry meal planning

Meal plan (from the pantry!) to waste less, spend less, & stress less.

watch the Tuesday video for a 100% off coupon code

wednesday: optimize your route

You have no control over the cost of gasoline, but you CAN optimize your route to save on gas

**ALSO included: information about the great PRIZES and a very special invitation to a life-changing program. 

thursday: plan for fun

A fun money budget is super important for balancing life and money

friday: curb impulse spending

Who doesn’t need a few strategies for curbing mindless, impulsive spending?

saturday: declutter

Decluttering saves you time & money overall

sunday: reflection

How did your money & your mindset change this week?

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