RaLea was amazing to work with. It is apparent from the beginning how knowledgeable she is in the area of finance and how good she is at relaying this information to you.

I came into our meeting not understanding much about budgeting and I left feeling so much more confident on how to properly allocate my money & pay down my debts. I cannot recommend her enough!

—Cass, small business owner

I enjoy following Balanced FI because it makes me aware of things I didn’t know before and makes me re-evaluate my financial choices. I truly appreciate your professional perspective and tips. And that everyone is included in the invitation to better their lives. 

Thank you for creating Balanced FI and for just being the amazing human you are

—Monica, Balanced FI subscriber

This is a great starting point if you have not yet begun meal planning to save money!

I really like the variety of printables! Realizing there’s not just one way to meal plan was beneficial for me. 

—Meg with Gingham and Grace Homestead, Money-Saving Meal Planning student

RaLea makes every process easy and doable.  She breaks everything down into digestible steps so I feel successful.  Her help in running our business has been essential.  RaLea is knowledgeable and kind and my favorite bookkeeper ever!  

—Cai Orsini, owner, Hillside Nursery

I was really able to focus and be much more intentional with money and time last week! Thank you!

—Mary T., 2021 No Spend Week Challenge participant

This is a very simple to use meal planning course that is effective. 

This is exactly how I meal plan so I know it works!

—Amber B., Money-Saving Meal Planning student

I did your free no spend week & it was amazing for me! Thank you.

You definitely made an impact in my life and for that, I appreciate you. I will be incorporating no spend weeks more often and have been sharing you with others.

Keep up the fantastic work!

—Dawn, Your Glam Girl, 2021 No Spend Week Challenge participant

For someone who had never meal planned and was really struggling, I would recommend it highly.

For someone who already meal plans or shops on a budget but needed more guidance, I’d tell them you have great printables to help them stay organized.

The module on making it a routine is so helpful even if the rest is what you’re already working on!

—Tessa at The Welder and His Wife, Money-Saving Meal Planning student

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